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Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathryn Quick
Solid Gold Bachelor

Bachelor.com -- Kathryn Quick


Hi all,

Welcome to my cyber home.  It’s so amazing that I may stay here, but that wouldn’t get any writing done, now would it?

Writing has been in my blood since I got a #2 pencil and lined paper in Catholic School.  Once I got a grip on the phonics thing, the Sisters of Saint Casmir’s couldn’t stop me.  I wrote stories of angels every weekend, sliding the tales on to their desks religiously (no pun intended) every Monday morning.  Wonder if Sister Vienne still has one or two?

Sorry, I digress.

I write for two reasons:  the pure joy of telling a story and to get all the people out of my head who are telling their stories to me.  I believe in happy endings and that right will always conquer might, and my stories reflect just that.

From Historical Romance to Urban Fantasy to Contemporary Romance, I think you will find something here that makes you believe also.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back from time to time and see whose story finally made it onto paper.

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