Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathryn Quick
Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathryn Quick



Contemporary Romances

Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathye Quick

Solid Gold Bachelor Available Now!

As the small town of Hillsborough, New Jersey prepares to welcome rock-star and former resident Shane Fox, accountant Carly Mitchell steels herself to face Shane. He was someone she loved long ago and buried deep in her heart after he left. Now, he is coming home.

Shane Fox, leader of super-star group the Rangers, contracted a benefit concert for Hillsborough's Victims of Abuse Center for a specific reason—Carly. He needs to bury his demons and explain why he left. First, he must rebuild her trust.

Carly and Shane's fragile truce is shattered when a fanatic groupie announces he is the father of her child. When the fan is found dead after the concert, the paparazzi goes wild. Will the past repeat itself as number-one suspect Shane goes on the run to clear his name, or will the truth behind his decade-ago disappearance surface in time to save Carly from the real killer?

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Jack Reeves has loved Kinley Adams since the day he rescued her computer from a fatal blue screen. In the two years since, the computer programmer has fantasized about a life with her. Kinley, an Engineering Assistant, has come to think of Jack as more than just a friend. One night, just when each had finally decided to reveal their feelings are deeper than friendship, a terrible automobile accident puts their confessions on hold.

Doctors have no choice but to rebuild Jack's face, and the result changes everything. Can Jack and Kinley overcome his transformation from geek to chic, a secret double life, and a horde of willing women who have discovered the new Jack Reeves? Will the frog ever become the prince and ride off with his princess to live happily ever after?


Blue Diamond -- Kathryn Quick

Blue Diamond Available Now!

When Kent McReynolds showed up on Bethany Clarke's doorstep, she knew it meant trouble.  The last thing she needed was to see the fighter pilot again. Passion soon swirls around them like the exhaust from Kent's f-16 and their love explodes, threatening his career and her peace of mind. 

"Sweet tale of overcoming the fear of love…fast paced and uplifting with likeable characters.  BLUE DIAMOND will appeal to readers as a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon."
—Romantic Times


Jessie's Wedding -- Kathryn Quick

Jessie's Wedding Available Now!

Jessie O’Brien had walked down the aisle with Jarrett Collins once already; as flower girl and ring bearer in her aunt’s wedding.   Afterward she told everyone she would marry him for real someday.

Years later when Jessie rumbles the ambulance into the Emergency Room parking lot, she knows she’s affecting someone’s future.  Little does she know that future is her own.  Jarrett Collins, the man who she always thought she would marry but who left her suddenly years earlier greets the stretcher/.

It will take a medical emergency, a mad race to the hospital, and the loss of Jessie's first patient in the ambulance to prove to both Jessie and Jarrett that it’s time to let go of the past, take hold of the present and walk down the aisle again - this time for real.

"4 Stars, A perfectly crafted traditional romance, suitable and enjoyable reading for all ages"
—Romantic Times


One Rainy Night -- Kathryn Quick

One Rainy Night Available Now!

Their relationship began with a bang.

Correy McCullough - corporate, practical, focused on her career and determined not to let anything stand in the way of success with her new job.

Dan Bennett - not long after helping Correy when her car broke down during a hurricane, he realized he was going to be her new boss. But the intense attraction he felt for her made him hide that fact.

They met one rainy night and were carried away by the intensity of their passion that rivaled the lightning that crackled around them. As their working relationship throws them into impossible situations and each other's arms, Dan has a lot of explaining to do and Correy must make a decision.

Was that rainy night a mere coincidence or the start of an adventure that would lead them to love?

"4 Stars, ONE RAINY NIGHT is a charming story of two people who are meant to be together.  I enjoyed the comic elements especially when they literally fell into each other’s arms."
—Scribes World