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Grandmother's Rings Series

Widow Tess Archer, a 55 year-old mother of three has decided she wants to be a grandmother.  After all, all her lady friends have grandchildren!  Deciding that her children need serious help to find their perfect mates, she calls a family meeting and gives each of them one of their Grandmother’s Rings.

Amethyst -- Kathryn Quick

Amethyst -- Out Now

Amethysts promote calmness - Given to the oldest.

 Somer, a newspaper reporter, must tackle her disconnected side in order to have the career she always wanted.  Little does she know that in order to do that, she first has to tackle the problem of Nick Daultry, a New York police officer who has come to New Jersey as part of a Homeland Security initiative that allows rural police officers to train in the city while the city officer trains in a rural setting to help understand the differences between city and town situations. 

While cops and reporters are natural enemies, Somer and Nick find that they can’t solve the problem of local home invasions without each other; she has the local knowledge, he has the resources.  And along the way, they also discover they need to solve the problem of their growing attraction and admit that they just might be made for each other.

I stumbled across the book and this one called me. This was a sweet little romance, with realistic characters. I enjoyed the fact that it was a "clean" novel – 4 stars – Amazon Review.


Sapphire -- Kathryn Quick

Sapphire -- Out Now

Sapphires promote harmony and loyalty – given to second sibling.

Trent is unhappy enough that Somer has fallen under his mother’s spell and is marrying Nick, but now he also has to be in the wedding party along with his sister, Ali.  Ali and Trent vow not to let the same thing happen to them, but Trent didn’t count on meeting Linda Wolff, Trent’s partner on the New York police force. 

Linda is a streetwise cop, toughened from years on the beat.  She is also sure that no guy wants a hardened police officer for a wife.  She has set aside any plans she might have had for a family and is focusing on moving up the ranks.   Linda and Trent start out as rivals, each ready to one-up the other at every turn and sparks fly; competitive sparks and passionate sparks.  

When Linda goes back to New York, Trent admits that she just might be the one he’s been looking for.  He follows her intent on making her see that not only can a tough lady cop be an asset, but she can also be a wife.

Can't wait til the last of the series. – 4 Stars – Amazon Review


Citrine -- Kathryn Quick

Citrines -- Out Now

Citrines cool excess anger – given to the youngest Archer. 

The last one standing, Ali is determined not to let Grandmother’s Ring get her.   But first she has to go to her new nephew’s baptism and face the whole family, including Trent and his new fiancée, Linda.  No way is she going to be in that wedding.  One was enough.  As everyone coos over the baby, Ali pastes on her best face and accepts the teasing of her brother and sister about the last holdout.  When she retreats to the backyard to escape them, she finds another deserter, Jake Daultry, Nick’s cousin. 

Jake, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, leave joined the family festivities on his way home to enjoy a thirty-day leave.  Ali, a self-proclaimed peace activist like her mother and Jake, a red-white-and-blue soldier, clash in a contest of wills that ends culminates in a kiss on the front porch and the heat between them is enough to melt any cold war. 

As Jake gets ready to return to his unit, Ali discovers he’s taking her heart along with him.  Can the peace activist and the solider find some neutral territory in order to follow their hearts or will Ali and Jake just have to settle for some combat wounds that may never heal? 

Great story – must read: - 4 Stars – Amazon Review