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Manville, A History Enduring

When we embarked on this project to write a book about Manville, we were met with an enthusiastic response. Our appeal to the people of this town for Photos, stories and relics of this community's past was met with an outpouring of material. Residents were generous with the photos of their family and friends engaged in clubs and activities, working at businesses and at their homes. They brought us wonderful stories about the history of the town and its evolution. We sincerely thank them for their contributions. This book is for you and we hope that you will find your stories and memories well represented. The original motivation to embark on the project was John Shutack, who unfortunately is not here to see its completion. We have many others to thanks for their contributions including Ruth Bielanski for all of her assistance, George Jakelsky for his extensive knowledge of the people, places, clubs and activities of Manville and Rudy Nowak for recommending, Kathryn Quick, who complied the history for the book. We sincerely thank Kathryn Quick, a town resident and author, who graciously contributed so much time and energy to this project. This is an on-going project with new history being written each day. We look forward to the next volume and encourage all of our community to save their memories and photos to share with the people of Manville in the future. -the late A. Sandy Filipinni, Linrary Board of Trustees President