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Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathryn Quick
Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathryn Quick


Solid Gold Bachelor -- Kathye Quick

Solid Gold Bachelor~Release date December 18, 2017

Reviews coming… -- Kathye Quick date July 29, 2015

 “Kathye Quick is an incredible author who writes with heart, style, and imagination. Her books will make you laugh or bring a tear to your eye, and will always keep you coming back for more.” 
~Linda J. Parisi, Author of the Nobility Series

 “…fabled beauty and the beast story line brought to the modern world starring a high-powered businesswoman with an attraction for a techno-geek computer wizard who fails to see his own 'hunki-ness.' Snappy dialogue won me over immediately. The unlikely attraction  ranked second as to why I couldn't stop turning the pages, wanting more and more and MORE!!!  BACHELOR.COM is a winner in my book…”  ~Award-winning author Kat Henry Doran

“Quick delivers an engaging twist on a classic tale as a high-powered career woman helps transform a nerdy programmer into a sexy hunk. Humor and emotion combine in a story that will keep you reading until you breathlessly reach the very last page.”  ~Caridad Pineiro, Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“Beauty and the Beast Tech style, that’s what we have with Quick’s BACHELOR.COM. Entertaining, lively, romantic and humorous love story that will have you wanting a second story about these two lovers.”
~Patt Mihailoff  2009-2010 Author and Mentor of the Year RWA-NYC

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