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The Grimm Protectors

The Legacy: 

Shield the artifacts at all cost from those who would exploit them
Even unto the end of your life 

The Primogen Council of the Seven

Before the Protectors, the Seven Legacies were scattered, each ruling their dominion in a strict but benign fashion upheld by an omnipresent network of watchers who made sure the regional balance held.  But now they are united through the Primogen Council of the Seven.

  • Siene and Reed Dower, Europe, brother and sister, direct descendents of the Brothers Grimm and overseers of the Grimm Protectors, Siene – adept at German engineering, dabbles in nuclear technology;  Reed – weapons expert, likes fast cars and fast women 
  • Kai Soong, Asia, female, martial arts expert and electronics wizard 
  • Caleb Buru, Africa, male, tracker and runner
  • Jon Two-Bear, North America, male, Shaman, attuned to the elements and nature 
  • Paz Santos, South America, female, large network of contacts who can get almost anything
  • Quinnock E’ak, Antarctica, male, expert in survival techniques 
  • Jack Brumboo, Australia, MacGyver-like abilities to make something from nothing

The MirrorBook One

Snow White’s Magic Mirror has awoken and it is showing a global tragedy.  Only one man can stop it.  Can Seine and Reed Dower find him before the Taltos do?