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Urban Fantasy
Writing with Patt Mihailoff as P. K. Eden

Firebrand -- Kathryn Quick

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Amber Drake is the only person who can save three worlds from annihilation.
Only she doesn’t know it yet.

When the Garden fell at the beginning of time, the First One divided what was left into three:

Humans – administered by the descendents of the Adam and Eve
The Fae – watched over and protected by those who came from the Angel of the Garden           
Trolls – ruled by those who evolved from the Snake who tempted

Each world was given a sword to protect those who would come and hope for the future in the form of a prophecy that foretold the coming of one born of all three bloodlines who could bring peace and harmony to all worlds and restore the Garden to glory.

But the tribred’s birth also initiates a series of events that start the Arpeggio Clock to begin the countdown to Armageddon and not everyone wants the clock to stop

P.K. Eden's FIREBRAND is a riveting, complex work of good versus evil worthy of the Hobbit series and Harry Potter. The story line is concise and clear while dealing with fairies, goblins, ogres, trolls, halflings and all sorts of Otherworld beings. FIREBRAND is fascinating and gets better the more you read. – 5 Stars - Affaire de Coeur